On the way to Nottingham

Robin Hood, the Sheriff of Nottingham is very famous. He took from the rich and gave to the poor. Simon Collison follows in Hood’s footsteps in organizing the New Adventures in Web Design conference, taking knowledge from great web designers and giving it to the visitors.

New Adventures in Web Design

We’ll attend the bowling event the night before (but we won’t bowl as we didn’t make it into a team). Come and talk to us!

The schedule of the conference is tightly packed. Dan Rubin is the first speaker, talking about the (new) language of web design. The other talks seems not to be that technical either, more stating approaches to our profession. Apart from the speakers with technical background I’m really looking forward to hear visual designers talking: Veerle Pieters, Tim van Damme & Greg Wood will focus on design in their talks. At 35 minutes each talk we should get many new ideas from the conference. Actually it’s a first to see all those speakers, so we really look forward to see each and everyone of them. (Yes, we’ve seen Andy Clarke and Dan Rubin at Fronteers, but not in an actual slideshow talk, more in a talkshow format.)

There won’t be any wifi on location, so expect us to be offline most of the time (roaming is expensive as hell), but we’ll try to get some coverage up after the conference.

We’re the first time in Nottingham, so if you want to tell us about great locations, like pubs (yes, we know there are several oldest in town) or sightseeings, we’ll appreciate comments. Feel free to add a comment if you’re in Nottingham, too, but make also sure you add yourself as an attendee on Lanyrd.

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